Mirinda Carfrae

Mirinda Carfrae

You thought IRONMAN competitors were tough? Meet Ironmom, Rinny Carfrae.

With ten podium finishes and three IRONMAN World Championship titles, Rinny didn’t have to prove her strength to anyone. But after having her first child, she’s proving to herself all over again what she’s built with. For Rinny, her goals didn’t disappear when her focus became split. She’s gone back to work.

In training for an IRONMAN, tired is normal. Throw in early morning workouts after sleepless nights of feeding and crying, suddenly, tired takes on a new meaning. But that hasn’t stopped her.

Having the little one by her side has kicked Rinny into another gear, with a renewed focus and energy toward racing. While balancing motherhood with training might not be glamorous, Rinny loves it. She’s no longer competing for just herself. Now she competes for her family.

Rinny knows no title or championship is going to be handed to her. She’s learned that the results you seek are attainable only if you’re willing to put in the real work. Whether it be winning the next IRONMAN or being the best mom in the world, she’s living proof that there are no shortcuts.

How Does Rinny Recover with Chocolate Milk?

“As an IRONMAN athlete, consistency in training and avoiding injury is critical. I rely on chocolate milk for the nutrients I need to refuel exhausted muscles and to replenish what I have lost in sweat during my toughest workouts so I can get back to training quickly.”

Learn the science behind why athletes like Rinny trust chocolate milk for recovery.