Zach Parise

Zach Parise

Minnesota Wild Forward, Zach Parise’s, training regime for this season was unlike any he’d had before. Still recovering from surgery, Zach’s only goal going into the season was to return to skates as quickly as possible.

As former captain of the national team and silver medalist, Zach understood that even the most elite athletes have hurdles to cross on the journey to the top. Injuries don’t define your career, how you recover does.

Starting in January 2016, Parise suffered a series of back complications leading to a herniated disk, but powered through the season despite his pain. Ultimately, surgery was his only option and Zach’s 2017 season was severely put on hold.

Real athletes don’t stay down for long – Zach bounced back quickly. Each day at the gym and every set began taking on much more weight, literally and figuratively. For Zach, developing strength and rebuilding lean muscle meant the difference between returning to the ice or watching his team from the bench.

In addition to Zach’s rigorous recovery, he was also raising twins, with another baby on the way.  Parise managed to find a balance between being a family man and an elite hockey player. As an athlete with kids, you aren’t afforded the luxury of having time to train. You make time.  And he did, eventually returning to the ice in January 2018.

Zach understands the importance of a strong recovery. When your career and passion hinges on the well-being and strength of your body, you put in the work. Whether it be representing your country as captain on sport’s biggest stage, or simply getting to hit the ice again, that effort is always worth it.

How Does Zach Parise Recover With Chocolate Milk?

“Maintaining the body of a professional athlete takes hard work and knowing the importance of recovery. For recovery, I choose chocolate milk. It has what my body needs, it’s convenient, it’s backed by science and it tastes great.”