Athlete Spotlight: Dougin Walker

How long have you been a member of Team CHOCOLATE MILK?

Over three years.  I joined in late 2013

What has been your greatest athletic accomplishment in 2017 so far?

Over the last year and finishing in early April, I ran a marathon in every state, all under four hours (52 total races, I also raced DC and St. Croix).  I would call that my best accomplishment to date.

What is your favorite type of race/course?

My favorite type of event is triathlons, especially one with a decent length swim and no wetsuits.  However I enjoy competing in almost any medium, and do a lot of running races (easy to find) as well as bike events and open water swims.  I’m hoping to do my first SwimRun event this year.

What are your goals for the 2017 season?

I already met my major goal for 2017 by completing a marathon in every state. But I want to get back to triathlon and get my biking in shape again, in hopes to be in competitive shape for IM Austria and the New Jersey State Triathlons in July.

How many races did you participate in during March?

In March I completed four marathons!

Why do you recover with chocolate milk after a tough workout or training session?

It’s the perfect recovery drink from a nutritional standpoint and also tastes great!  Right after a really tough race I often can’t get myself to eat anything, but I am ready for some chocolate milk to help me refuel.

When did you begin recovering with chocolate milk?

I’ve been recovering with chocolate milk for at least ten years, so joining the team was a great fit for me.

What is your favorite part of racing marathons and triathlons?

Did I mention I like competing?  Triathlons especially give me a great sense of accomplishment when I finish and feel I have really done my best.  They are both great ways of testing yourself in both a physical and mental way.

Share a fun fact about yourself!

I have completed a triathlon of some distance every year since 1987 when I graduated from college.