Athlete Spotlight: Jacob Schulte

How long have you been a member of Team CHOCOLATE MILK?

This is my fourth year as a part of the team!

What has been your greatest athletic accomplishment in 2017 so far?

I completed my first Redman 70.3 triathlon in September and finished first in the Physically Challenged Division.

What is your favorite type of race/course?

I enjoy sprint triathlons, I find myself pushing harder and being able to be more competitive with age groupers.  My weakest discipline is the swim.  So the less time put between me and the other competitors during the swim, the better.

What are your goals for the 2017 season?

My big goal for the year was finishing my first half iron distance, which I did! I’m already planning for 2018. My plans include the Challenged Athlete Foundation’s San Diego Triathlon Challenge, the Chicago Triathlon & of course some Rock n Roll Marathon events!

How many races did you participate in during September?

In September I was solely focused on my long distance triathlon, but I completed four additional triathlons this summer.

Why do you recover with chocolate milk after a tough workout or training session?

Well, I think everyone would agree that it tastes incredible! But, besides that it really does help me replenish the nutrients/protein lost during my hour plus training sessions.  Being a father of four, time is limited and I am restricted to early morning workouts.  This makes low fat chocolate milk even more essential in my routine, because I can grab it (quickly) and go on with my busy day!

When did you begin recovering with chocolate milk?

I was introduced to it at the Little Rock Marathon in 2013.  One of Arkansas’ dairy brands was a sponsor at the expo & the finish line.

What is your favorite part of racing marathons and triathlons?

Personally, I like how races give me different goals to shoot for. There are always new events and distances to conquer. Aside from that, there is a real sense of camaraderie with other athletes…no matter how the day ends everyone shows support for one another.

Share a fun fact about yourself!

Ironically, as a child I was allergic to chocolate. Thankfully, I out grew the allergic reaction and now I am a member of Team CHOCOLATE MILK!