Coaches Corner: Facts About Post-Exercise Recovery

Are you a Coach that attended a BUILT WITH CHOCOLATE Post-Exercise Recovery Clinic? Are you curious about the science behind recovering with lowfat chocolate? Looking for ways to help your athletes replenish, hydrate, rebuild and recover after a tough practice, training or game, so they can get back at it again tomorrow?

Below are resources that you may find helpful to help your student athletes perform at their best.

Optimizing Recovery: a Presentation about Maximizing Post-Exercise Nutrition 
A topline presentation on how and why to optimize recovery with lowfat chocolate milk. 
Letter to Parents About the Importance of Post-Exercise Recovery
A customizable letter to educate, inform and urge athletes’ parents to help their teens recover with chocolate milk post-exercise.
Nutrients to Refuel. Protein to Rebuild. Backed by Science. Get the Facts About Lowfat Chocolate Milk for Recovery
An easy-to-read one page fact sheet on the benefits of recovering with chocolate milk.
The Science Behind Recovering with Lowfat Chocolate Milk
Check out the research and facts on the ways chocolate milk can improve performance and help athletes replenish, rehydrate, rebuild their bodies. 
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