Get Chocolate Milk to the Finish Line!
Lowfat chocolate milk is in high demand at finish lines across the country. Athletes across the country have stated that lowfat chocolate milk is their favorite item to receive at the finish line.
Why? Because more than 20 studies support the benefits of recovering with the high-quality protein and nutrients in chocolate milk after a tough workout. Yet athletes often report that their race is lacking it. 
Get Chocolate Milk To The Finish Line is a program designed to help race directors provide chocolate milk at their finish lines, allowing athletes to replenish, hydrate, rebuild and recover after a race and enhancing the experience and guarantee race-day satisfaction. 
Why Chocolate Milk?
Get the Facts About Lowfat Chocolate Milk for Recovery. Nutrients to Refuel. Protein to Rebuild. Backed by Science. 
An easy-to-read one page fact sheet on the benefits of recovering with chocolate milk.
The Science Behind Recovering with Lowfat Chocolate Milk
Check out the research and facts on the ways chocolate milk can improve performance and help athletes replenish, rehydrate, rebuild their bodies. 


Race Directors

Are you a race director looking to get chocolate milk to your finish line? We’ve partnered with RaceHQ to connect you directly to local milk companies in your area. 

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