6 On-The-Go Fat-Burning Snacks You'll Actually Want To Eat

TODAY Show Lifestyle and Fitness Correspondent, Jenna Wolfe, published an article titled "6 On-The-Go Fat-Burning Snacks You'll Actually Want To Eat," highlighting six high-protein, fat-burning snacks for those who live an active lifestyle. As a part of Jenna Wolfe’s Shape-Up blog series, where she shares fitness tips and healthy lifestyle trends, lowfat chocolate milk was featured as a recovery drink that makes a “perfect post-workout snack." Wolfe reveals, "Yup, we said it. Chocolate milk. In addition to making the perfect post-workout snack for its muscle recovery properties, chocolate milk tastes like a treat. In addition to healthy meals, these snacks can help curb your appetite and keep off the pounds."

For more information about the six high-protein, fat-burning snacks, read the full article here.