Jen Ator tackles IRONMAN with Apolo Ohno

Despite coming off ACL surgery just 14 months prior and working full-time as the fitness director at Women’s Health, Jen Ator chose  to undertake the journey of a lifetime – training for the IRONMAN World Championship alongside short-track speedskating legend, Apolo Ohno, in got chocolate milk’s Mission Apolo: BUILT WITH CHOCOLATE MILK.  With Team CHOCOLATE MILK's help, Jen has come to realize that the only thing holding her back was her own mindset of excuses, fears and doubts.

These past few months, Jen has trained with IRONMAN champion Luke McKenzie as she prepared for her first IRONMAN 70.3, in Muncie, half the distance of the World Championship race in Kona. She’s overhauled her recovery with the help of her nutritionist Wendy Bazilian, who has planned out the nutrition she needs to be successful in training and triathlon.

Read the full article here and learn more about the lessons that Jen has experienced during her journey with Team CHOCOLATE MILK that will last even after she crosses the finish line in Kona.