Reshape Your Body

Milk and milk’s high-quality protein has been shown to help athletes gain more lean muscle and lose fat when compared to drinking a carb-only beverage, as part of a regular workout and recovery routine. 

  • In a study of healthy, untrained men, those who consumed fat free milk after exercise gained more muscle and lost more body fat at the end of a 12-week training program than those who drank a soy protein beverage or a carb-only beverage. All three beverages had the same amount of calories.1

  • Another similar study in women found that including fat free milk in a recovery routine during a 12 week training program, resulted in greater muscle mass, strength gains, fat loss, and even a potential protective effect on bone health, compared to a carb-only sports drink with the same calories. The researchers suggested that "milk is an effective drink to support favorable body composition changes in women with resistance training."2

  • In another University of Texas at Austin study, 32 healthy but untrained cyclists who recovered with lowfat chocolate milk gained more muscle and lost more fat during training, with a 3 pound lean muscle advantage, compared to athletes who recovered with a carbohydrate drink.3



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