Al Horford

Al Horford

Some NBA players get caught up in flashy lifestyles and lose focus of the game. Not Al Horford.

Philly’s 6’10” power forward has been called many things by both coaches and colleagues: unassuming, unselfish, underappreciated, and even “the most underrated guy in the league.” But his fans prefer another word: Real. With a single-minded focus on working hard, training hard and improving every day, Horford is truly the athlete’s athlete.

Hailing from the Dominican Republic, Horford is a 5x NBA All-Star and is one of only two players who has had 11 consecutive trips to the postseason to start his NBA career. But in 2013, a pectoral injury threatened everything when it forced Horford out for the season and into surgery. With his love for the game in the balance, Horford got serious about recovering the right way, which included switching up some of his nutrition choices.

Horford first saw other athletes preaching chocolate milk’s benefits – and the science behind them – and took notice. Then, after working with a nutritionist, he was convinced – chocolate milk isn’t flashy or trendy, it’s a real recovery drink for serious athletes.

Why Does Al Recover with Chocolate Milk?

“I always drank chocolate milk growing up…when I moved to the States at 14, my dad and stepmom would buy it for me. But as I got older and played more, I gave it up for drinks I assumed were better for performance.  But, after two pectoral tears, I learned working with a nutritionist that I was lacking in important nutrients, and that water alone couldn’t rehydrate me completely. They turned me back onto chocolate milk, which is now my secret weapon after workouts.”

Discover the science behind why athletes like Al trust chocolate milk for recovery.

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