Katie Ledecky

Katie Ledecky

Already one of the most accomplished swimmers of all time—and still less than a decade into her professional career—Katie Ledecky is a force of nature in the pool.

Learning to swim when she was only six, Ledecky quickly showed potential for greatness. While competing for her high school team, she shattered American and US Open records in the 500-yard freestyle. At the age of 15, Ledecky stunned crowds at the 2012 London Olympics by winning her first gold medal. Four years later, she went on to become one of the most decorated female athletes at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Now, just 22 years old, Ledecky has five Olympic gold medals, 15 World Championship gold medals and three world records to her name. Chocolate milk has been there every stroke of the way.

Ever since she was 13 years old, Ledecky has been drinking chocolate milk to replenish and refuel after intense swim practices and meets. As her not-so-secret weapon, chocolate milk has been a crucial part of Katie’s training for nearly a decade.


Why Does Katie Recover with Chocolate Milk?

“I started drinking chocolate milk regularly for recovery when I was about 12 or 13 years old. I learned it has just the right ratio of protein to carbs, making it great for refueling and rebuilding muscle after training. So, I would pack a lunch bag with a bottle of chocolate milk and an ice pack and bring it to every practice and swim meet. It’s an essential part of my recovery routine, and I love the taste. I mean, who doesn’t?”

Discover the science behind why athletes like Katie trust chocolate milk for recovery.