Chocolate Milk Nutrition News

Chocolate Milk Nutrition News

From fitness trends to surprising workout tips for recovery, check out these nutrition news stories about the science behind chocolate milk from some of our favorite publications and websites.


8 Reasons Chocolate Milk Is Literally the Best Recovery Drink

Need a reason to drink chocolate milk after a tough workout? Here’s 8 that will have you wanted to grab some after your next workout!

For Optimal Workouts- Learn to RECOVER Like the Pros

Train hard and recover like a pro. Sports medicine doctor Nicholas DiNubile, MD says recovery is the next frontier in optimal training and achieving peak performance. Post-workout recovery always means consuming key nutrients like protein and carbs, and Dr. DiNubile says chocolate milk is a great choice for pros and everyday exercisers alike!

 7 Simple Things That’ll Make You a Better Runner

Need to refuel after a long run? Registered Dietitian, Kate Davis says try lowfat chocolate milk for its mix of carbs and protein.

 Weird Recovery Methods that Actually Work

Which recovery methods work post-workout? Dr. Jason Karp says lowfat chocolate milk for its carbs and protein.

 5 Unconventional Post-Workout Drinks

Sip or skip? Shape shares which post-workout drink to reach for after a hard workout including chocolate milk.

The Best Thing to Eat Before and After You Exercise

Looking to refuel after a tough workout? The scientist behind the viral 7 minute workout, Chris Jordan suggests lowfat chocolate milk.